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Here at GSMAR we take REALTOR® safety seriously. Offering the background checking app FOREWARN, Safe Showings, classes and demonstrations, GSMAR has REALTOR® safety in mind.


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First to use FOREWARN® in Tennessee, GSMAR has brought this powerful app into the hands of every Primary member at GSMAR.

FOREWARN® is an intuitive, easy-to-use identity verification and risk assessment tool designed to empower real estate professionals to better understand customers and serve them more effectively.

FOREWARN® puts the power of knowledge into a real estate professional’s hands by delivering instant identity information in an easy-to-use mobile app or desktop interface. FOREWARN® is powered by leading-edge, AI/ML-driven technology and a massive data repository covering nearly 100% of the U.S. adult population. Using as little as an incoming phone number, FOREWARN® can instantly verify identity, criminal history, property and vehicle ownership, financial data, additional phone numbers and address history.

Take a look at FOREWARN® HERE

If you do not have access to FOREWARN® and you are a Primary Member with GSMAR in good standing, contact to get started.


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