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Live Steaming of 
TREC Core Course
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Tenant Representation in 
Commercial Lease Negotiations
With Ronnie Phillips
February 19th from 9 am-5pm
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GSMAR Realtors® – Education Protocol & Rules

Registration for classes must be made a minimum of 24 hours before the beginning of the first class and 

cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the start time of class in order to avoid a 

$20.00 No Show Fee.


There will be a SIGN-IN and a SIGN-OUT process for CE Credited classes.

 It is your responsibility to sign-in and sign-out at the beginning and ending of each class.

Accurate SIGN-IN and SIGN-OUT sheets are imperative to you receiving your credit hours.


For most CE courses 100% classroom attendance is mandated by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission’s policy. 

Please do not ask us to compromise and risk our TREC certification to teach continuing education, thank you. 

 Please be seated and ready for class at the appointed time and remain in the classroom until you are dismissed by the instructor.


Leave the classroom only during designated break times or for a personal emergency. 

Cell phone calls, trips to the bathroom, refills of refreshments, conversations between students DO NOT constitute a personal emergency and therefore are not valid reasons to leave the classroom.

If a personal emergency occurs, please inform the instructor or staff as you leave if possible or call the Association office as soon as you are able.


If there is anything that needs the attention of the staff regarding restrooms, kitchen, or student materials please let us know.


Please do not rearrange tables or chairs unless the instructor requests that you do so. The training hall has been set up to best accommodate both students and instructors. 

 We hope that your classroom experience is a pleasant one and

If there is anything that needs addressed or you have ideas that would help other classroom participants, please let us know.




Course Descriptions

TREC Core Course
Is a course that is required by the State of Tennessee
for the renewal of your Real Estate License.
This class is a live stream event that will be 
$60 for members
$60 + $30 for MLS only participants
and $60 + $60 for non-members.
To check and see if you need this course go to


Tenant Representation in 
Commercial Lease Negotiations
With Ronnie Phillips
February 19th from 9 am-5pm
Residential agents have an opportunity to expand into commercial real estate with an actual case study of a Class-A office space lease.  Key topics include how to perform a lease analysis to determine the difference between a landlord’s quoted rent and the tenant’s effective rent over the life of the lease; how to compose aggressive negotiation proposals for the lowest base rent, and longest free rent period for tenants.  Book course companion is “Tenant Relocation Guidelines:  Eight Key Steps to Commercial Lease Success.”  This course is free to members; $40 to MLS participants and $80 to non-members.

For more information on education requirements go to these sites below.

NAR Code of Ethics Requirements
On this site you can take a COE class, check your education and learn about
the COE requirements for NAR.

Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance
On this site you can verify your current education for your TN license-- Click Here  
Education Requirements--Click Here 
Main TREC Page--Click here   


Education Page--Click here

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