GSMAR Fees 2019


National Association of REALTORS® Dues (annually) $185.00

TN REALTORS® Dues (annually) $120.00

GSMAR Dues (annually) $346.00

Firm Fees (annually) $150.00

One time GSMAR application fee $100.00

One time Appraiser application fee $250.00

MLS Dues (annually) $415.00

One time MLS application fee $ 52.00

E-Key Dues (annually) $230.00

One time new principal broker application fee MLS $495.00

One time new principal broker application fee membership & MLS $695.00

Unlicensed Assistant Fee (annually) $ 52.00

Education MLS Participant $ 5.00/hr

Education Non-Member $ 10.00/hr

Class with Royalty fees – double the amount of the royalty fee

No-show fee (if not cancelled 24 hours out, except in case of

Emergency) $ 20.00

NOTE: All the fees/dues are prorated EXCEPT the unlicensed assistant fee which remains the

same without consideration for time joining. All fees/dues are non-refundable. If MLS participant

drops and has been a member within one year, the fees are $200 plus prorated MLS. If the

participant has been out of MLS for more than one year, participant must pay application fee, prorated

MLS fees, and re-take MLS Orientation.

Approved by the Board of Directors May 16, 2019.