Strategic Planning

Chair: Vickie Stanton 865-406-6447

Bryan Kendrick –

Dwight Grizzell –

Ed Thomas –

Kelly White –

Steve Lane –

Terri Williams –

Theresa Raymond –

Alicia Cambell -

Strategic Planning Committee is charged with long range plans for the Association, evaluating the past progress and present indications for the future.


  1. Work with the By-Laws Committee to establish membership in this committee.
  2. Gather information internally and externally and use such information to develop comprehensive objectives and strategies with which to guide current and future Association leadership.
  3. To provide a continuous evaluation of the external and internal forces that impact the Association and its members and to identify important trends and issues.
  4. Work with the Finance Committee to insure cohesiveness within the Association.
  5. To review and update the mission statement.